Balancing a career and a relationship is never easy, and it’s even harder when you are on the road and everyone wants a piece of you.

As a music major who sacrificed everything to become master of the upright bass, the last thing Michele Scott thought she’d be doing is touring with an Americana and Bluegrass band. But to tell the truth, she loves it.

Not so much David Blackstone. Even though he’s irresistible, the thought of balancing her career, life on the road, and a long-distance relationship isn’t for her. Her music gives her life, yet her heart yearns for something more. A girl just can’t have it all… or can she? Trusting David is a risk that may give her everything she wants or it will close her heart forever.

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"An emotional and hearbreaking journey. It was a good read and I am interested in seeing what happens in the future books in this series." -- Aunt G, Amazon customer

"The characters I I fell in love with from the very beginning of the novel and they never let me go even when the story ended...This is a novel any reader will fall in love with and will reread many times."--Kindle Customer

"If you enjoy a good, heartfelt romance than the Sweetwater Canyon series is a must! The characters, scenes and story are beautifully written and easy to connect with. This book will forever go on my list of Favorite Romance Books."--Stephanie Manning, Goodreads