Chameleon: The Awakening

Chameleon: The Awakening

Camryn Painter is a 16-year-old freak of nature. Or possibly the savior of a civilization that isn’t supposed to exist. She’s a human chameleon… one who transforms into the image of whoever sees.

Escaping from a medical research facility, Camryn discovers a magical forest world. Not that she’s welcome. Her new home is filled with faeries and beasts set on destroying her.

Striking a tribal alliance between what she once believed were mythical beings is her only chance of survival… if she can just control her power and figure out who to trust.

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"Lynch came up with a unique and interesting world that had many subtle complexities. She obviously worked long and hard mapping out the people of her forest world – their magic, their customs and their societies... Faire wove the story of the forest people into the modern world that Camryn lived in really well." - Nicole Hewitt

"Very enjoyable first book of a's cool the trials she goes through and how she learns to use powers she never dreamed of. The magic is convincing and consistent, which is impressive in its own right. Fairly quick read on a Kindle, and I enjoyed it while on a jet." - D. Cooper